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Daniel Wang
Creator of the Loopring Protocol
Marc Andreessen
Founder of Andreessen Horowitz
Vitalik Buterin
Creator of Ethereum
Tyler Winklevoss
Co-Founder & CEO of Gemini
Patrick Dai
Founder of Qtum, Thinker and Doer
Erik Finman
Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire
Chris Dixon
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
Elizabeth Stark
Co-Founder of Lightning Labs
Da Hongfei
Co-Founder of NEO and OnChain
Partner at Morgan Creek Blockchain Capital
Chris Giancarlo
CFTC Chairman
Marc Hochstein
Managing editor at CoinDesk
Laura Shin
Forbes' senior editor of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology coverage and host of the Unchained podcast
Jason Calacanis
Founder of Inside
Tony Gallippi
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BitPay
John McAfee
Shitcoins lover
Charlie Shrem
Co-Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation
Thibauld Favre
CEO of @_Decusis
Creator of Dicryptionary
Brad Laurie
Youtuber @BlockchainBrad
Nick Szabo
Creator of "bit gold" and Blockchain and cryptocurrency pioneer.
Balaji S. Srinivasan
CTO of Coinbase
Arianna Simpson
Early stage investor with close to 40 investments in the crypto space to date
Brian Armstrong
Co-founder & CEO at @Coinbase
Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" and "The Internet of Money"
Frédéric Montagnon
Founder & CEO at Legolas Exchange
Bobby Lee
CEO & Co-Founder of BTCC, China's first bitcoin exchange
Eric Larchevêque
CEO of Ledger
Charles Hoskinson
Co-Founder of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK
Joey Krug
Founder of Augur
Don Tapscott
Co-founder and Executive Director at Blockchain Research Institute
Linda Xie
Co-Founder of Scalar Capital and advisor at 0x Project
Jackson Palmer
Creator of Dogecoin
Dr. Julian Hosp
Co-Founder of TenX
Peter Todd
One of Bitcoin's most prominent open source developers
Chris Burniske
Partner at Placeholder VC and author of "Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond"
Wang Chun
F2 Pool Owner
Mark Karpelès
Creator of Mt. Gox
Fred Wilson
Co-Founder of Union Square Ventures (investor in Coinbase). Wilson writes regularly about cryptocurrencies at AVC.com
Ben Davenport
Co-Founder of BitGo
Jihan Wu
Co-founder of BITMAIN
Hugo Amsellem
Director, Berlin at @_TheFamily
Stefano Bernardi
Creator of TokenEconomy
Tuur Demeester
Editor-in-Chief at Adamant Research
Gavin Andresen
Bitcoin developer since 2010
Ethan Fast
NEX co-founder
Stephan Tual
Co-Founder of AtlasNeue and Slock.it. Former COO of Ethereum
Adam Back
Inventor of Hashcash. Co-Founder & CEO of Blockstream
Jimmy Song
Prominent blockchain developer and entrepreneur
Cameron Winklevoss
Co-Founder & President at Gemini
George Kikvadze
Executive Vice Chairman at BitFury Group
Fred Ehrsam
Previously co-founder of Coinbase and is now working on building decentralized blockchain applications
Zooko Wilcox
Founder & CEO of ZCash
Justin Sun
Founder of Tron Foundation
Malcolm Lerider
Senior R&D Manager at NEO Blockchain
David Sønstebø
Founder of IOTA
CEO of Binance
Naval Ravikant
Co-Founder and CEO of AngelList
CEO of Omise & Founder of OmiseGo
Charlie Lee
Creator of Litecoin
Juan Benet
Founder of Protocol Labs and Creator of IPFS
Vinny Lingham
Co-Founder & CEO of Civic
Tim Draper
Founder of DFJ Venture Capital, advocate for blockchain technologies and early investor in Bitcoin
Chris Coney
Host of The Cryptoverse
Kris Marszalek
Co-Founder & CEO of Monaco
Erik Voorhees
CEO of ShapeShift
Alex Xu
Director of Operations at 0x Project
Brad Garlinghouse
CEO at Ripple
Roger Ver
World's first Investor in Bitcoin startups
Nick Abouzeid
Ex-Writer at Bitcoin Magazine